Camp Starlight offers cabins or “bunks” that incorporate the comforts of home with the rustic nature of camping. Each bunk, which is designed to house 10-12 people, is equipped with beds and dressers in the main living room, closets for clothes and gear in the back room and cubbies for toiletries in the bathroom.

Each bunk has a hot water heater, smoke alarm, front and back entrances, outside clothes line, loft for storage, windows, electric outlets, two toilets and 1–2 showers. The front of each bunk faces inward towards a semi-circle with a view of the lake, designed to promote cohesiveness. There are 54 modern cabins each with as many as 8–10 bunk beds. Each cabin has full washroom facilities.

Separate small rooms for couples and/or small families are available to a limited number of attendees.

We will be able to accommodate families together and we will be able to have some same-sex cabins for those traveling without families. To keep registration costs down, and accommodate everyone who would like to attend, we will share the cabins in this way where possible.

We will make every effort to accommodate our elderly, infirm, and those with special needs who wish to attend, by obtaining “deluxe” housing (availability is limited).


Cabin - Sleeping Area

Cabin - Storage

Cabin - Bathroom