The OCBC atmosphere

OCBC fosters an environment of learning in an atmosphere of a loving extended family. The school tries hard to distinguish itself by serving families with young children.

Registration will begin at 2:30 on Sunday, August 13 with dinner served at 6:00. Evening program will commence at 7:30 and include a short exhortation and memorial service. Checkout the following Saturday will be after breakfast.

The daily schedule is typical of any Bible School, with 3 classes in the morning, afternoon recreation time, and an evening assembly. Afternoon activities are planned to encourage us to enjoy each other’s company as a spiritual family.

The evening program begins with Bible games for the children and concludes with a lecture geared toward the teens and adults. Meals are served family style, of course.

Each evening is wrapped up with cold refreshments, a young-people’s devotion, and a campfire.

The Bible school will conclude with lunch and good-byes on Friday August 19. 

NOTE: All attendees are REQUIRED to be fully out of their rooms/cabins by 12:30pm on Friday August 19.