Policies & Procedures


  • Are responsible for the conduct and whereabouts of their children at all times. The camp is very large and easy for children to get lost or wander down to the lake.

Dress Code

  • Casual attire must reflect modesty and respect for others.

  • We'd love for your name tags to be part of your daily wardrobe :)

Morning Procedures

  • There is no wake up call.

  • You are responsible to be on time.

  • Daily schedule is in your program and on the back of your name tag.


  • Compulsory at all classes and lectures.


  • Swimming in the designated area of the lake during given times only when life-guard is present.

  • Only during given times in the pool and when a lifeguard is present.

  • Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.

  • Adults please keep a close watch on the children you are looking after.

  • Anyone ages 17 and under will be required to pass a swim test in order to use the

  • canoes without an adult over 18.

Leaving Grounds

  • If you need to leave for any reason, please notify a committee member first.


  • 10:45 p.m.

Cleanliness of Grounds, Rooms and Cabins

  • It should always be our intention to leave the grounds looking as good as or better than when we arrived.

  • You are responsible to pay for any damages to property including facilities, equipment, furnishings, beds, mattresses, etc.

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on grounds at any time.

  • No electronics for entertainment purposes.

  • No alcoholic beverages permitted.

  • Please DO NOT drive on the grass - vehicles should remain on/along the gravel roads so as not to damage the Camp's underground pipes.